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What We Do
We are all about helping you - the owners, vintners and winemakers of small production wineries suceed.

We are different than most associations. We are not involved in the politics of the wine industry. We are actively involved in creating a market for Craft Wine.

What does that mean? Here is an example: As of September 2019, the hashtag #craftwine was used over 35,000 times by wine consumers in social media over a 30-day period, 20,000 times on Instagram alone. As recently as 2017, that number was near zero. We have been working hard to develop a consumer market for Craft Wine, your wine.

We help you realize your most important goals by developing unique opportunities for you. With years of experience and unmatched credentials, Craft Wine Association is uniquely equipped to develop creative solutions which help close the economies of scale gap which plagues the small producers. It is our goal to make a significant and lasting impact on member’ lives.

We know our members’ needs are always changing, so continually seek new and improved ways to serve you.

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    Certified Craft Winery Designation

    Wineries who have earned the designation of, Certified Craft Winery wear their pride on their sleeve and let the world know that they are proud of being a small, authentic winery in a world of, often, over-produced wines for the masses. With this designation, you get the licensed use of the logos for marketing and promotional purposes. We’ll also tailor the color and designs of these labels to integrate them with your own marketing material.

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    Certify Your Wine as Certified Craft Wine

    If you qualify as a Certified Craft Winery, we will certify each of your wines as Certified Craft Wine at no additional cost. With that designation, you get the licensed use of the logos for marketing and promotional purposes. You may tailor the color and designs of these labels to integrate them with your own marketing material

    Expand your Social Media Outreach Through the Craft Wine Group’s Many Robust Media Channels

    Take advantage of our connections! We have created a Craft Wine Facebook group where you can post news and information about your winery. We make every effort to like, comment, and share your ideas and events through all of our social media channels. You can also find us also on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. and LinkedIn.

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    We are Connection Makers

    We have relationships with writers and influencers who want to tell your story. If there is an opportunity for you, we will help. If you need something, we will help you find it. If something is bothering you, we want to hear about it. Bottom line is we have your back.

    Through the generous support of our Friendds and Supporters, we have several special offers and discounts available to Craft Wine Association members. We strive to create so much value through these discounts and offers that it off-sets the cost of membership.

    Check out the Friends and Supporter's section to see for yourself.

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    Let Your Business Partner—US—Create Market Opportunities

    Over the past year we have helped promote and sponsor the first Craft Wine Pavilion at Sacramento's Farm to Fork Festival in September 2018, which drew over 100,000 visitors. Our founder has also been the guest of the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization as a speaker at the 3rd Global conference on Wine Tourism; and the CWA has also been invited by the National Association of Wine Retailers to pour Certified Craft Wines for the top retailers in the country. Let us be there for you.

  • Sell Your Wine Online Through NxtCrush

    Through a unique collaboration between VinoShipper and the Craft Wine Association qualifying wineries have the opportunity to sell their wines through this powerful Direct to Consumer platform with no hidden fees.

    Not a VinoShipper subscriber? No worries. Sign-up is simple.

What is Certified Craft Wine?
A Certified Craft Wine is a commercially available, limited production wine with production runs of 5,000 cases or fewer. However, it is not just about size; authenticity and traceability are key components as well. Wines need to be authentic and traceable to their roots. Producers that buy grapes need to know where their growers source their fruit to qualify for this designation.
  • Craft Wine Bottles
    An Identifiable Winemaker

    Your winery should have a single winemaker or small team of winemakers leading the production of your wines from start to finish. This includes grape selection to final blend. 

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    Limited Production

    Your wine should be produced in lots smaller than 5,000 cases, and the winemaker must be involved in the process. 

    Wines made by pre-prescribed protocols, meaning formula made wines that follow a pre-deignated process rather than the leading of the winemaker do not qualify. Pre-made or bulkwine, or"shiners" do not qualify even if the bottling run in less than 5,000 cases.

  • Grapes.svg
    Grapes from Identifiable Vineyards

    As part of the craft wine certification process, we trace the provenance of your grapes to verify their lineage and quality, so it is important to know where your grapes come from. 

When you get certified through the Association, you'll get Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery seals to use on your packaging, website, social media platforms and other marketing materials. This signifies to customers that your winery truly cares about producing the best limited production wines possible. Join us!

Here's what to do: 

  1. Register your winery. 
  2. Obtain a valid COLA from the TTB. 
  3. Meet the above certification requirements. 
  4. Submit your winery and wines for certification. 
  5. Once approved, download your seals and enjoy the benefits. 

That's really all there is to it! 


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Many associations say they want to be like Amazon, but do they act like it? The Craft Wine Association recently stepped up to the e-commerce behemoth by creating an online marketplace where consumers can buy from CWA members.

Carole Lawson, founder, and CEO of the Craft Wine Association (CWA), is celebrating the multi-member trade organization’s third year with new craft winery members and greater commercial benefits. The CWA helps small craft wineries make national inroads to compete with some of the largest wine producers in the United States

Carole Lawson flunked retirement. It might be the best thing that ever happened to small wineries in the US.

Lawson, who retired from Silicon Valley and work with the state of California, moved north. She became a certified sommelier. “My friends have a small winery,” she recalls, “and I saw the struggle they had to get their product to market and get in front of consumers.”

This organization is heading by one dynamic woman, Founder & CEO, Carole Lawson. Carole’s goal is straightforward and is rooted in a passion to expose excellent small family-run wineries to the public. She is focused on both wines and wineries which produce less than 5,000 cases per year. There are some prerequisites that must be made and can be found at their website. The Craft Wine organization desires to make known excellent family wines and wineries to the greater public.

The Official Launch of the Craft Wine Association, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting small-scale, independent wineries and the craft wine community. “There is a major need in the marketplace to close the gap between consumers and small wineries,” says Craft Wine Association founder Carole Lawson. “Our mission is to connect craft wine producers with craft lovers through partnerships, education and outreach.”

Craft Wine Association Newly Formed Oregon-based Non-Profit Certifies Craft Wineries Nationally

Wine drinkers can now look for the Certified Craft Wine seal at grocery and liquor stores, which signifies that the wine was produced in lots of 5,000 cases or fewer, made with grapes that come from an identifiable vineyard, and production was winemaker-led from start to finish.