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Here at the Craft Wine Association, we are in the business of helping small wineries stand out from the crowd. We are proud to work with small production wineries, helping them to compete with the big-name winemakers. We'll certify your winery as a Certified Craft Winery and your wines as Certified Craft Wines

This exclusive designation will show customers that your wines get the attention to detail they deserve in each batch, setting you apart from your competitors. 

Our organization was founded back in 2016 with the goal of supporting our member wineries and the delicious wines they produce. 

We also work towards educating the general public about what makes certified wine so special. We want to do everything possible to help you and your small winery succeed in this crowded market. 

Stand Up

We strive to provide you with the resources you need for a successful winery, whether you choose to become a member of our organization or not. Our Resource Center provides everything you need to get your wine in front of as many customers as possible. 

Stand Out

Wine shelves in stores and wine lists in restaurants are crowded places. Often, customers stick with familiar brands. 

We'll help you tell your brand story across a variety of platforms to help your brand become a household name. The more prospective customers you can engage with, the faster you'll build your brand. 

Stand Together

Our wine association is a movement and we're all in it together. Smaller wineries need a bit of extra help in order to compete with the big names, and we can provide that assistance when you need it most. 

We can employ a variety of strategies tailored to your winery to help you share your passion for wine with the masses. 

What is Certified Craft Wine?
A Certified Craft Wine is a commercially available, limited production wine with production runs of 5,000 cases or fewer. However, it is not just about size; authenticity and traceability are key components as well. Wines need to be authentic and traceable to their roots. Producers that buy grapes need to know where their growers source their fruit to qualify for this designation.
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    An Identifiable Winemaker

    Your winery should have a single winemaker or small team of winemakers leading the production of your wines from start to finish. This includes grape selection to final blend. 

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    Limited Production

    Your wine should be produced in lots smaller than 5,000 cases, and the winemaker must be involved in the process. 

    Wines made by pre-prescribed protocols, meaning formula made wines that follow a pre-deignated process rather than the leading of the winemaker do not qualify. Pre-made or bulkwine, or"shiners" do not qualify even if the bottling run in less than 5,000 cases.

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    Grapes from Identifiable Vineyards

    As part of the craft wine certification process, we trace the provenance of your grapes to verify their lineage and quality, so it is important to know where your grapes come from. 

When you get certified through the Association, you'll get Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery seals to use on your packaging, website, social media platforms and other marketing materials. This signifies to customers that your winery truly cares about producing the best limited production wines possible. Join us!

Here's what to do: 

  1. Register your winery. 
  2. Obtain a valid COLA from the TTB. 
  3. Meet the above certification requirements. 
  4. Submit your winery and wines for certification. 
  5. Once approved, download your seals and enjoy the benefits. 

That's really all there is to it! 


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