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About the Craft Wine Association
We Are On a Mission to Make Craft Wine As Available in the Marketplace as Craft Beer and Spirits

The Craft Wine Association is a different kind of winery association. Our focus is not political or regional. Our focus is on you, the small wine producer, and doing everything we can to help you succeed. 

We offer the Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery designation to help you communicate to the marketplace that your wine is not industrial production wine. It is not made through another technology process, but as it should be - by people like you who care about every drop.

Like other associations, we have sponsors. Each of those sponsors didn't just buy their way onto our website. They are here on our website because they have done something significant to help us thrive as an organization or help you as individual wineries to thrive. 

If you look under the Resources tab, you will find research and answers from the top universities in the country.  

Check out "Friends and Supporters". Each one of these companies or organizations is offering members something that helps alleviate the economic disadvantage in the marketplace Craft Wineries face every day. Just as with our sponsors, they did not just buy their way onto our webpage, they are there because they are offering goods and services at a discounted rate or other benefits to our members. 

More than that, we are an organization are working to bring Craft Wine to forefront in the consumers minds every day. We have openned up our own social channels to our members so each winery can gain visability. Our executive director speaks nationally and internationally about the importance of Craft Wine. We create oportunities for your wine to get in the hands and glasses of the right people through events and personal relationships.

Are you ready to get the help you need?

Meet Our Founder and CEO

  • Carole Lawson
    Founder and CEO

    Carole Lawson is former technology executive who flunked out of retirement and decided to reinvent how people see wine. She loves the word craft because of the emotions the word engenders: something authentic, nurtured by hand and uniquely special.

    Her passion for wine, wineries and winemakers led her to complete graduate work in marketing management at Harvard University with a focus on market analytics and the wine industry. She is a wine studies graduate of the International Culinary Center and is a Court of Master Sommeliers’ Certified Sommelier “Our mission is establishing craft wines as lifestyle products that are as universally embraced as craft beer is today. This will only happen by fostering the growth of a uniquely branded and vibrant, craft wine market that will eventually be as widely recognizable as any organic or certified, alcoholic beverage,” shares Lawson. 

    None of us here at the Craft Wine Association are going to rest until that dream becomes a reality. We would love for you to join us on our mission.

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