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"We are on a mission to make Craft Wine as available in the marketplace as craft beer and spirits." - Carole Lawson, founder and CEO

Membership in the Craft Wine Association is open to any active participant in the wine industry. As a member, for those wineries which qualify as a Craft Winery, certification for the winery and all wines produced is available at no additional cost. Designation as a Certified Craft Winery also allows you to have an active voice in the future of the organization.

  •  So, how do you know if you qualify as a Craft Winery? Ask yourself these three questions:

    *Is every wine produced lead by an identifiable winemaker who is a partner and decision maker along with the vintner throughout the process?

    *Does the fruit used to produce every wine come from traceable sources, meaning if someone asked where the grapes were grown, you could tell them down to the specific vineyard?

    *Even if the total case count of the winery is over 5,000 cases, is every wine produced made in 5,000 case lots or less?

    If your answers are “yes”, to all three of these questions then you qualify as a Certified Craft Winery. Your standing as a Certified Craft Winery includes voting membership in the Craft Wine Association at no additional cost.

    Certified Craft Winery $695/yr

  • What if the production of the entire winery is under 5,000 cases?

    The Small Certified Craft Winery pricing is designed for you.  SYour winery would enjoy the same benefits as the Certified Craft Winery enjoys, but with a built-in discount just because you are small. Yes, voting membership in the Craft Wine Association is included at no additional cost for you too.

    Small Certified Craft Winery $495/yr

    Need some help? Contact us. There may be sponsorships available.

  • Restaurant/Retail Membership

    We welcome restaurants and retailers to join us to show support for Certified Craft Wine. This non-voting membership gives you access to our private on-line community, in addition to a consumer facing listing on our online directory. You'll be able to list all of the Certified Craft Wines that you carry and your listing will be searchable by keyword and on a map. (Summer 2019)

    Together we can show our support for Certified Craft Wine while also supporting your own business and attracting new customers. 

    Restaurant and Retail Membership $695

    For a limited time, there is no charge to register your restaurant or retail location. Sign up by May 30, 2019 to enjoy this amazing benefit.

  • Distrubutor Membership

    Our mission is both ambitious and attainable. We are determined to build an entire eco-system around Craft Wine and that means you too. This non-voting membership provides access to our private, online community where we are creating opportunities for wineries and merchants to connect in ways that were never-before available. We all understand that there are still laws in place which govern how those transactions can take place. That is where you come in. We invite distributors who are willing to work with our winery and restaurant/retail members in new and creative ways to join our community. Don't pass up this amazing oportunity to broaded your book of business.

    Distributor Membership starting at $695/yr.

    Contact us for more information.

  • Grower Membership 

    Your non-voting membership as a grower gives you a place in our private online community where you can connect directly to member wineries across the country looking for quality grapes and juice. The intent is to foster long-term relationships in a community that helps those associations develop organically.  

    Grower Membership starting at $695/yr. 

    We would love to give you more information. 

  • Industry Members

    Maybe you are not a craft winery, but you are part of the wine industry and fully support authentic, limited-production, wines. We are happy to welcome you too. We will proudly display your logo on our website as a "Friend & Supporters" and can provide a logo you can display on your products and sites, so everyone knows you support Certified Craft Wine. 

    Industry Membership starting at $995/yr

    Contact us for more information.

  • Certified Craft Wine Seal

    The Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery Seals are trademarks of the Craft Wine Association. The licensed use of these seals comes with your certification. You can display the seal on marketing materials-whether it is on your website, printed materials, banners, hats, shirts or whatever creative thing you can think of in order to support your Certified Craft Winery.  

    It cannot be shared or sold to others. It is designed solely for identifying and supporting those wineries and wines which have successfully completed the certification process. Colors can be changed to match your label designs.  

    Got questions? Email or call us at any time. We are there for you.