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Craft Wine Association Member Benefits
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Membership matters. We are always seeking out new ways to make the benefits of membership outweigh its costs. Here are a few ways that they currently do:

  • Certified Craft Winery Designation:

    Wineries who qualify, earn the designation of being a Certified Craft Winery wear their pride on their sleeve and let the world know that they are proud of being a small, authentic winery in a world of, often, over-produced wines for the masses. With this designation, you get the licensed use of the logos for marketing and promotional purposes. What is more, we can tailor the color and designs of these labels to integrate them with your own marketing material.  

  • Certify Your Wine as Certified Craft Wine:   

    If you qualify as a Certified Craft Winery, we will certify each of your wines are Certified Craft Wine at no additional cost. With that designation, you get the licensed use of the logos for marketing and promotional purposes. What is more, we can tailor the color and designs of these labels to integrate them with your own marketing material.  

  • Expand your Social Media Outreach Through the Craft Wine Group’s Many Robust Media Channels: 

    We have created a Craft Wine Facebook group where you can post news and information about your winery. We make every effort to like, comment and share your ideas and events through all of our social media channels. You can also find us also on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. and LinkedIn.

  • Effective POS Made Expressly for Wineries and Wine Retailers:

    Prolific POS has partnered with Craftwine.org to create a POS system just for wineries and wine retailers. Prolific's merchants average under 2% transaction fees, including everything Prolific POS has to offer. The Prolific POS winery POS tracks inventory from barrel to glass, employee sign in and time tracking as well as the members’ loyalty program. Prolific is offering a $200 sponsorship when you join as a new member and a full sponsorship for renewals. Be sure to ask for your discount code.

  • Maximize your Web Presence:

    SEMRush is a tool to help you track your entire web presence. It includes the ability to schedule and track all of your social posts. You can even check how your website is doing as well as any Google Ads you might place. It suggests keywords for your ads, it even has tools to help create them.  

    SEMRush has offered to help support our members through a program where up to 40% of what you spend on their services will be credited to the Craft Wine Association to be used as an off-set to your annual renewal for membership and certification. Sign-up now to recieve the greatest benefit.

    Even if you are not a member, take advantage of the 7 day free trial. SEO, and social media training is free too!

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    Have an Advocate that Never Rests:

    We are working tirelessly for our members: reaching out to writers and influencers to tell your story. We are actively working to change the market dynamic and are on a mission to make Certified Craft Wine as available in the marketplace as craft beer and spirits have long been.

  • Let Your Business  Partner—US—Create Market Opportunities:
    Let Your Business Partner—US—Create Market Opportunities:

    Over the past year we have helped promote and sponsor the first Craft Wine Pavilion at Sacramento's Farm to Fork Festival in September of last year, which drew over 100,000 visitors. Our founder has also been the guest of the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization as a speaker a the 3rd Global conference on Wine Tourism; and the CWA has also been invited by the National Association of Wine Retailers to pour Certified Craft Wines for the top retailers in the country. Let us be there for you.

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    We are Connection Makers:

    We have relationships with writers and influencers who want to tell your story. If you need something, we will help you find it. If something is bothering you, we want to hear about it. If there is an opportunity for you, we will help. Bottom line is we have your back.

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